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We are a US based, globally inclusive, not for profit organization that aims to encourage global inclusion and neurodiverse contribution.

Our Team

Integrity. Inclusion. Innovation.

Each member of our team is involved because they bring not only a passion for neurodiverse thinking and solutions, but accelerating and supporting humanity. We are committed not only to caring for our members, but elevating humanity as a whole through our work with neurodiversity.

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We Embrace Diversity

Our community is fully inclusive, and our team diverse. We design with the fourteen broad diversity categories in mind and invite input and feedback from all. 

Not only that...

When we get feedback, it is implemented!

We are deeply committed to inclusion and will only do business and create with those that share this value. 

Our Values


Our ethics will not be compromised. We keep our word.

“ Integrity is doing the right thing, even when no one is watching. ”

– C. S. Lewis

Integrity is our first priority in The Neuroverse and it is at the heart of our work. It will never be negotiated or compromised. 


Inclusion cannot be exclusive. 

Inclusion takes action, and we love to grow! We actively teach and encourage psychological safety, vulnerability, and perpetual evolution. 

We want to welcome, accommodate, and elevate you!


Why do things the same 'ol way? Let's build a new way!

"This is how we've always done it." ... The worst reason to perpetuate a practice or behavior. 

In the Neuroverse, we consistently ask, "Why?" and search for or invent the best solution. There will never be stagnancy here!

Neurodiversity Expands Humanity

Neurodiversity has moved humanity forward countless times. Albert Einstein, Mozart, Alan Turing, Maya Angelou, and many more brilliant neurodiverse minds have skyrocketed our potential, wellness, and capabilities!

The Neuroverse believes that neurodiversity holds the key to human growth and expansion. Accordingly, we are committed to creating a world in which neurodiversity is embraced and cultivated and neurodiverse individuals can thrive!

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Disability Is Part Of Life

Disability is not a bad word. It can be challenging. It can be painful. It also does not render us useless. It just means that we need an accommodation. We are fruitful.

The Neuroverse Market

All proceeds go directly to providing resources for neurodiverse individuals in need.

We are here to help, so we are raising funds to provide much needed accommodations and assistance for neurodiverse folks with limited financial means. 

Do you want to help and have some personal artwork that would make cool merch? ... Great! We will split the proceeds from the sales of your designs 50/50 and use the profits to help others. 

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Become An

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Join The Community

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