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I am the Founder of Neuroverse, Katherine.

I am also the Founder and President of Titan Management, an innovative HR and Inclusion consulting group and an international speaker.

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My Story

From being the little girl who sold shares in her "company" and played HR (even firing her own mother!) to the traveling entrepreneur and speaker that she is now, Katherine has had quite a journey!

Katherine has multiple physical and neuro diversities, ranging from MCAS and seizures to Bipolar and OCD, and says, “I am successful WITH my diagnosis, not in spite of them”.

Born in Dallas, Texas she began rescuing animals early on and as an adult became a proud foster mama, even for wolves and exotic animals!

She currently runs a company called Titan Management, which she founded in 2014 with the purpose of innovating people operations and inclusion. She also speaks internationally about neurodiversity, HR, and HR Tech. She has spoken for AIMS (United Nations), London School of Business, SHRM, HRDS, Web Summit, Success Champions, and many more wonderful events, organizations, and shows.

Her missions are: integrity, inclusion, and innovation, and everything she does is in furtherance of these missions.

Katherine LOVES neurodiversity and her dream is to evolve society to be not only neuro-inclusive, but neuro-excited as well.

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