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We have a cool online community and will be hosting many virtual and

live events across the US and abroad.

Please stay tuned as events will be added as they are planned. 

Have a great idea?... Contact us and let's get creative!

Join Our Online

We are part of Mighty!

We want you to get the most out of our online community, so we will engage and share education, tools, roles, and more. Join us! We would love to have you. 

Man waving at computer screen

We are creating people-centric, inclusive workplaces. Join us this October!

The Neuroverse is all about creating an inclusive, better world. This encompasses the world of work!

Peopleverse will focus on bringing inclusion and a human focus to the future of work through hands on training and collaboration.  

We invite you to join us!

Virtual Events

Join us to connect and evolve!

Don't worry. All of our events will be recorded, so if you can't make an event, just reach out and we will be glad to send you the recording!

10/27, 2pm EST

Neuroverse Connect

Come meet our team, discuss neurodiversity, and have a few laughs!

We will be going over upcoming events, opportunities, and offering some cool deals and resources. 

We can't wait to meet you!

Join Us 


Diet and Neurodiversity

Diet plays a huge role in our body chemistry and can heavily affect both negative and positive neurodiversity symptoms. Join us to dive into diet and neurodiversity with our Founder and experts.

Join Us

11/15, 5pm EST

Self Accommodation & Self Care

Being a "Human Octopus" can be complicated, and sometimes we need accommodations. Join our Founder, Katherine, and a few special guests to discuss self-care, grounding, and some cool accommodation options. 

Join Us

11/30, 5pm EST

The Neurodiverse Job Search

The job search can be uniquely complicated for neurodiverse individuals. That's why we are bringing in the experts, those that help ND folks land great roles, to help you in your journey!

Join US

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