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We believe that education is the key to human growth, so we share ideas and knowledge every chance we get!

Our classes are offered virtually or in person and are lead by our Founder, Katherine McCord, or other trusted Neuroverse members. 

Katherine McCord with her octopus mascot, Jeremy on her shoulder standing on a stage

Understanding The

Human Octopus

This presentation takes you through understanding the neurodiverse mind, how to best communicate with human octopuses, and how to best cultivate this talent!

This class is designed for groups or organizations.

Cultivating Vulnerability:

Disclosure and Tough Talks

Learning to be vulnerable and effectively ask for what we need is tough. This interactive presentation teaches the curiosity approach and how to achieve successful vulnerability. 

Two young people chatting
Woman celebrating next to a happy man

Embracing Your 

Neurodiverse Mind

So I'm different... Now what!? This interactive facilitation will take you through embracing your wonderful mind from learning your patterns and accommodation to finding your super powers!

Solving The Neurodiverse

Job Search

Looking for that great career that will let you soar?... How can you best showcase your talents and succeed in the linear interview process?... 

This class will teach you how to do it!

A man interviewing a woman

We also offer custom classes and talks about  neurodiversity for individuals or organizations.

To book a presentation for your group or organization, please contact us today!

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