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We want to provide known, tested, and trusted resources to our community, so we have complied a list of trusted technologies, accommodations, and providers for you to access freely. 

We are happy to make personal introductions for you to any of the listed trusted individuals or organizations.

Some resources are free and some are paid. 

This list will be updated as new resources are found.

Should you have any additional needs, please reach out. We are happy to use our network to help you locate the help that you need!

If you would like to be listed as a trusted resource, please register and we will reach out shortly.

Resume and Job Search Assistance

Jacob Levy - Specializes in helping neurodiverse job seekers

Angela Buccellato - The Resume Rescue Queen

Foster Williams - "Job Father", Show With Great Advice & Network

Hollis Roberts - Specializes in working with women and ND folks

Chris Lin - Jobseeker Show

Jan Barlow - Career Pivot Specialist

Peak Performers - Specialize in placing jobseekers with disabilities

Jobs For Humanity - Shares Jobs for neurodiverse folks


Technology and Accommodations

Sunflower- Hidden disabilities support and shop

Loop - Noise-cancelling earplugs with many options

Storied - A communication app that turns speech into organized type

Cool Koala - Meditation app for kids with anxiety or ADHD

Grammarly - Typing Assistant

Dyslexie Font - Font that helps folks with Dyslexia read more comfortably

Stickman Communications - Cards to communicate needs & state

Neurodivergent Workbooks- Workbooks for self learning and care

Bose Support Program - Sound resources

NV Access - Free screen reader

Sensory Toys - A few cool options for grounding and processing tools - School supplies and toys, Not just great for Autism

Education Tips - Some good ideas for the classroom or testing situations

Tips For Teachers - Some of these tips are great for working with adults too

Haystack - Coming soon! Neat tool to match ND employees to employers

UserWay - Plugin that makes software and sites more accessible

More Tips For Teachers - We really love education and are happy to help

Emotional Support Animals - Info on US policies and getting a letter

Hugimals - Weighted stuffed animals, alternatives on Etsy

Tips For Self Mapping And Breaking The Ego Defense

Basic Neurodiversity In The Workplace Info Sheet

Making Accommodations Into Standard Options Basic Info Sheet

Basic Tips For Requesting An Accommodation

Tips For Inclusive Communication

Ideas For Building A Grounding Toolkit


Providers (All Neurodiverse Adept And Friendly)

Umbrella Alliance - Neurodiversity Collaborations 

Angela Loynd - Health Coach and CEO of Umbrella Alliance

Kristan Weisdack - Holistic Autism and ND Training and Wellness

Amy Mills - Design Industry Mentor

Kate O'Brien - Brass and Woodwind Educator

Jerri Johnson - Education and Leadership Advisor and DEI Advocate

Kenneth Mims - STEM Ed Advocate and ND Education Expert

Margaret Huang- Executive Coach and Advisor

Julie Harris​ - Disability Inclusion Specialist

Celia Daniels - LBGTQIA Inclusion Specialist and Neurodiverse Advocate

Brittany Cano - RN Holistic Wellness Coach

Lisa Duke - Women's Holistic Weight Loss Coach

Alexandre Lemaitre - Disability Speaker, Designer, and Model

Antisha Walley - HR Consultant and Speaker

Kat Alexander - Neurodiversity Culture Change Specialist

Anshar Seraphim - Autism Advocate, Business Analyst, and Trainer

Nicci Richman - Neurodiversity Trainer and Advocate

Dawn Westmoreland - Resiliency training and TBI talks

Vannessa Blackstock - Freelance Operations Management

Rebecca Alley - Neurodiversity Advocate

Bill Brown - Author of Don't Suck At Recruiting and People Ops Consultant

Future Cain - Business Consultant and Leadership Coach

Tara Furiani - SAIL Leadership and Workactions and Speaker

Moon Clouds

Need Something Else?

Email our Founder, Katherine, and she will get you in touch with a trusted resource.

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