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The Benefits of

Finding Superpowers In Every Turn

Neurodiversity is inherently advantageous for humanity, and while it can certainly come with disability for individuals, it also has wonderful benefits! 

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Different is not a deficit. It is a benefit!

Though neurodiversity has long been perceived as a deficit by society due to the differences in processing styles, science has begun realizing that although it can cause some disability, neurodiversity also comes with many upsides and can often be beneficial not only to the individual, but for humanity as a whole!

The human body is designed to balance itself out. This includes our mind. When we have a struggle in one category, we will have a strength to care for that struggle in another.

It is also important to remember that each characteristic has its own harmony, so while it may be frustrating or even harmful sometimes, it will be helpful in others. For example: our Founder, Katherine, has Bipolar One. While mania can create problems in inclinations to overspend or with difficulty sleeping, it also gives her super-human work speed and creativity! She always says that she wouldn't trade her Bipolar for anything.

Science has begun consistently linking neurodiversity to such positive attributes as: super analysis, innovation inclination, story memory, 3D model thinking, hyper-focus, high energy, strong empathy, and extreme organization. (The list does not stop there!) Each neurodiverse individual is unique and has different presentations of challenges and gifts. The one constant in the community is adventageous uniqueness!

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Some Cool Articles

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