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Nina Modi Headshot

Hi There!

I am The Neuroverse Tech Lead, Nina.

I am also an AI model who is part of a team building an AI modeling app and my background is in project leadership.

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My Story

This is Nina, an artistically technical octopus.

She says "I think the 1st thing to know about me is that Family/God/Friends are first. Period."

Nina has done quite a bit, worked in lot of places, including the European Commission and helping our President, Katherine, found her show Career Launch Live, has been educated in many places, and created a lot of truly wonderful software and IT products. Along the way, she was never alone, and believes in the power of collaboration! Nina says, "I typically work in teams of mostly linear thinkers who, in the end, have to understand how my Asian /Catholic culture affects me, and this is why I believe in the value of diversity."

We are never alone. We are part of a whole. The Neuroverse will show us how to work better collectively despite barriers of culture, religion or race. This is why she is here!

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