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Neuroverse Live

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August 24th 2024

10am - 6pm
New York, NY
Grand Central Terminal

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Neurodiversity Unleashed

The Neuroverse Live will be the first ever live, mega community event for neurodiversity!

We will be celebrating the history, contribution, and potential of neurodiversity, including creating actionable solutions and offering support and resources for neuro-spicy individuals.

We are also joining the United Nation's efforts to promote sustainability and universal design by initiating and supporting relating projects.

All are welcome, and admission will be free!

This event is about growing not only as a society, but as human beings. 

Join us in unleashing the power of neurodiversity!

All are welcome here.
Come, unmask, and let loose!

Cosmic Sky

Our Why

Neurodiversity is long misunderstood, and our community often feels isolated, but the truth is that we are almost 30% of the population. We are not alone, and it is time that society be designed for us too.

Neuroverse Live is all about bringing people together, showcasing our capabilities and contribution, and designing a better tomorrow.

What People Are Saying

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The Event

August 24th, 10am - 6pm
Grand Central Terminal
New York, NY
Free Admission

What To Expect

  • Sensory Experiences

  • Neurodiversity History Booth

  • Pop Up Gallery (Art and Creativity)

  • Career Assistance and Opportunities

  • Education Consultation

  • Accommodations and Tools

  • ND Author Meet and Greets

  • Sustainability Projects

  • And More!

Have A Project?

Neurodiversity comes with many wonderful skills and abilities (per Johns Hopkins), and we often thrive in project settings, so let us help you.

Contact us with your project or idea, and we will shine a spotlight on it at the event and create an opportunity to find participants, gather data, and more!

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Book Your Booth Or Table Now.

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Featured Organizations

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