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I am your USA Treasurer, Sarah.

AKA: Guardian of the Coin

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My Story

Sarah Kuruvilla has lived a non-linear path in academics, geography, and industry. A global leader with tentacles in India, she has lived in 7 countries and travelled to 45 others!


She has 3 Masters degrees and held COO/senior leadership roles in India, USA, Singapore and Australia. Sarah has worked in startups, exports, banking, tech, social impact & nonprofit organisations. She is truly a master of all type octopus!


What brings her most joy is using emerging tech and innovation to create unique DEIB solutions with a cultural lens for the most marginalized groups, especially women and neurodiverse minds - to give hope, identity and voice to communities farthest from the limelight. It is this passion which has brought her to The Octopus Movement where she will be utilizing her multi-cultural talents to further global neurodiverse and nonliner inclusion.


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I'm a Mosaic Octopus

The Mosaic Octopus is vibrant, colorful, mysterious and cool! Much like this octopus that adapts to different environments and is natively Asian, my life's journey has been rich with colourful, mysterious and cool experiences.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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