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Hey Everybody!

I am your USA Community Manager, Kat.

AKA: Consortium Compassion Captain

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My Story

Katharine (Kat) is an Inclusive Community Builder and Disability and Neurodiversity Advocate who is passionate about utilizing the power of empathy and compassion inherent in all of us to move toward true equality. She is Queer, Neurodivergent, Disabled and brings her lived experience to her work when applicable.


Kat was the original Program Architect and Community Manager of the GUTF Supportive Group Chats (SGC) and is now the Strategic Partnerships Manager. She has extensive professional experience in human services as a Sexual Violence Crisis Advocate, Behavior Technician for autistic kids, Mental Health Counselor for adults with severe mental illness and more. Her academic experience in Psychology and Social Science includes coursework and training in counseling psychology, infant mental health, lifespan development, multicultural counseling, and socio-emotional learning.


She spends her personal time focusing on developing as an antiracist accomplice, learning all the new things possible, and obsessing over dogs and other animals.

KA TOM Oct IMG..png

I'm an Atlantic
Pygmy Octopus

This tiny cephalapod is all about congregating with others of its species, and they even share with one another, aligning with me oh so beautifully, as I love to help others. What can I say? That is how I got my fun title of Consortium Compassion Captain!


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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