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We are excited that you want to join us!

Our vendors will play an important part in creating a fully inclusive and immersive neuro-spicy experience!​​


Let's pick a booth package!

Vendors of all types and backgrounds are welcome here!

We want you to have a blast with this event, and we will work with you to make it as seemless as possible. 

Before we get started, please review the requirements below so that we can all be on the same page. 




1) All vendors must be fully inclusive. This means adhering to the standards of full inclusion. If someone asks you to use certain pronouns or to provide a reasonable accommodation, we ask that you do so without hesitation. Vendors may ask for assistance with accommodations as needed.

2) All vendors must provide value specifically relevant to neurodiversity. Broader scope products and services are welcome and will simply need to have a neuro-specific program or education based on their product or service available for the event. 

3) No religious or political agendas or discussions are allowed. The sole exception will be in share groups when an attendee brings up religion as part of their experience. In these cases, there will still be strict guidelines and no agendas will be allowed. 

4) All vendors will need to submit artwork, presentations, and additional required information and items no later than August 16th at 5pm EST. 

Let's Book!

Thank you for joining us in supporting and unleashing neurodiversity!

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