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I am your USA Music and Art Lead, Darren.

AKA: OctoArt Man

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My Story

Years of overworking and living life out of balance left Darren ineffective, exhausted, physically disabled and EMPTY. He did not realize how backwards he had lived my life, erasing the creativity and play that he enjoyed as a young man.


The Marine Corps helped Darren solidify MIND OVER MATTER at age 18, which brought him a new wisdom and clarity. After a couple major accidents and losing vision in his left eye, Darren has come to the important realization that HEALTH is more important than any business move. Spending years making new businesses, managing teams, and pivoting at every hurdle was just a bit too much for him to do alone.

Now, he shares his journey and wisdom with others through talks, media, and art, and he lives the power of connection every day. 

Darren brings this love and passion to The Octopus Movement in hopes of helping others find their peace, health, and place in the universe. 

DS TOM Oct IMG..png

I'm a Giant Pacific

This majestic species is well traveled and known for its art, just like me! It is also known for its growth, and while this means physical growth in the case of the octopus, for me it stands for personal growth. 


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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