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I am your USA Copywriter, Anshar.

AKA: The Eight Legged Puzzle Master

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My Story

Anshar had spent his first two decades without really ever being able to shake a stranger's hand or have anything but a one-sided conversation about one of his special interests. So, he took it upon himself to learn psychology, study facial expressions, take acting lessons, and many other steps toward a more connected future. He built his accommodations, and they paid off! At twenty-five years old, after half a decade of practice and study to learn how to understand the human connection, he finally achieved his goal. He made his first real friend. At thirty, Anshar rigorously challenged himself with jobs, careers, and roles that were based on the emotional and psychological dynamics he thought would be the most difficult to improve.

Half a decade later, much to his surprise, he found himself teaching negotiation, persuasion, applied behavioral psychology, and interpersonal dynamics to hundreds of sales associates and managers. He taught them the very same skills he had used to reinvent his understanding of the human condition, and the results were explosive.

His career path continues to evolve, and he has joined The Octopus Movement to help others realize their greatness too!

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I'm a Coconut

This clever octopus is the puzzle and tool master! Like me, they are highly adaptive and create the environment that they need to thrive. We also defy all expectations at every turn. I learned to verbalize, and they learned to walk!


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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